Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tonight after Bible Study....

I never know what to expect when I come home from Bible Study! Keith always has a funny story to tell of at least one of the girls. Tonight Keith said Gracie was brushing his hair. She said, "Daddy there's something on your ear." and Keith said " No there isn't." So she started hitting his ear with the comb. Then she said, " Uhhh it feels like there's something in my ear!" So, Keith said, "Whatever!" Gracie said, "There's something in my ear!!" Keith said, "Ok, let me look at it." Then he turned around and started to look at it, and right when he got next to her ear, she turned and screamed at him. Trying to scare him. I asked him if he did it to her first. He said no. Boy the things I miss when I am away.... And you wonder why I need the break from all the craziness!!!


  1. Welllllll you know how to remedy that.... Just buy a plane ticket and come on!! I miss you guys too!!!