Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our recent Mainland trip...

Today is Saturday...we returned on Tuesday night and I still feel jet lagged.  (Is that even a word??) 

I was looking through all the pictures from our trip...trying  to narrow down the number of pictures to post...I have 77 pictures!!  

That's a facebook album.  :)  Facebook is the reason I quit blogging.  It's so much easier to add an album and post a quick status update...instead of typing out a whole blog.  

Well since we are homeschooling again, I will try to keep up with this blog.  

Life is an adventure...and I will try to blog our adventures in Aloha Land...but for now, here are our adventures on the Mainland.  :)  (If you're wondering where I got my corny sense of humor.... It's from the guy in the first picture...My Dad... He's a pretty fantastic guy.  :)  

Grandpa, Gracie, and Brody

Gracie and Brody...Grandpa's shadow

Nan's birthday was October 10th.  We got to celebrate with her!!

Pop eating his ice cream sandwhich

Megs riding the motorcycle Keith rode when he was 5 years old!

Almost as daring as her Dad...

Looks like she's winking at the camera

I think Pop's holding on tight...he looks scared!! 

Bekah, Nan, and Megs

Gracie, Uncle Gary, and Meghan

Uncle Gary and his buddy Megs... He's graduated from Tea parties to riding 4-wheelers!

Megs, Brody, and Gracie

Awww they love each other...wish we all lived closer.  :(

Here's Gracie acting like her Aunt Carla!!

I love Gracie's expression...she's having fun.

I think she drove 100 miles on the lawn mower!!  

Grandma and Megs

Megs took Gracie and me for a ride...

We roasted marsh mellows twice. 

:)  This will be one of the "embarrassing photos" we show her boyfriends.  :)

Keith, Gracie, Sonnie, and Meghan

Awwww aren't they cute??

Meghan took Grandma for a ride on the 4wheeler

Grandy and Gracie

Grandy and Megs

Grandma, PJ, and Megs

Megs ran out of the picture when I told her it was going on facebook!!

Awww Aren't they sweet??

Granddaddy was telling me to hurry up!!

Gracie was so tired...she fell asleep with Grandma!

Ok so this is random...BUT we don't have squirrels in Hawaii!!!

Megs reading to Brody

On the way to the Varsity with Grandma and Grandpa

He's growing up too fast!!

I couldn't resist adding this picture...Grandma looks like she's having fun!  :)

Gary decorated a puppy...Isn't it sweet the things Uncle's do for their nieces?  

Gracie, Avi, and Megs

Molly, Avi, Gracie, Megs and Amber

They too us out to Olive Garden...It was a great night.
Hopefully next time we can spend more time together!

Grandpa took the girls to Dausette Trails.
I think Megs took the picture.

Gracie took this picture.

Sonnie and Megs

Grandpa and Gracie

Grandpa and Megs
It's blurry.
They were  going too fast for a good picture.

Gracie took a picture of Grandma, Me, and Sonnie being silly...or CRAZY.!!

Here's a picture Gracie took of me... I was acting crazy again.

Grandma and Grandpa just had to give them icecream.  :)

Oh yeah...and for the reason we went to the Mainland in the first place....

Duh and Jessy's wedding....
Duh and Jessy "leaving" for the reception.
It was a fake exit.
Then they took pictures.

Keith grabbed this picture I think it's pretty awesome.

YAY...Family Portrait  :)

Awwww I love this picture!!
You can tell how much her Daddy loves her!!
It's priceless!!

Keith and his Mom
They really are alot alike.
Some would even say they are both Psycho.
Shhhh don't tell them I told you their secret.
There's not telling what they will do to me!!

Nan, Pop, and Gracie

Daddy and his girls.
All three of them were tired of taking pictures.  :)

Keith kissing Megs.
He loves aggrivating her.

Uncle Duh, Megs and Gracie

Awww...Uncle Duh and Megs

The girls with Jesy and Duh
They look so happy...
Jessy was a very beautiful bride!

Sonnie and Gracie and Megs

Sonnie and Megs got Gracie back...

Everytime she sees someone taking a picture, she has to sneak behind them and
put bunny ears on them...So they got her back!!

Here's a picture from the Justin Bieber concert that Keith took Megs to.  He received the Father of the Year award.  :)  Here's a picture from

In case you're wasn't 77...I shortened it a little.  I'm too tired to count how many pictures there are...I'm sure if Keith reads the blog he will tell me it's not 77 and let me know how many there are.  I love you, babe!! You really are a fantastic Daddy and Husband too.  You get the Husband of the Year award too.  :)  And I didn't even make you sit through Toby Mac... maybe next year!!