Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Family Visit Part 4

Here are a few pics of our second visit with Pop and Nan. We got the chance to visit with Keith's Mom too.

Gracie pitching a fit...
Can you spot the bird in the tree?? Keith took this picture. He was playing around with the camera.

Another bird in the tree.

Keith and Pop

I love blogging while Keith's not here... :) Here's a picture of Keith playing with the fishing pole. There's no way he's going to get this far and read these posts! :)
Keith with Pop and Nan

Sonny(Keith's Mom), Pop, and Keith
Picture of a purple flower taken by Keith.

Gracie eating an ice cream sandwich... Pop's special treat for them.
They went fishing.
And Keith hopped on the motorcycle. Pop got it when Keith was 5 yrs old. 25yrs later and he still thinks he's a kid. I'm glad! It makes him a awesome Dad and Husband! I love this guy!! :)

Megs took this picture.
Megs holding Oddball (Keith's snake)when we went and visited Dale in SC.

Gracie making a "snow angel" on the air mattress she slept on at Uncle Duh's house.
Megs got to see her cat Tickles. Uncle Duh is doing a great job looking after Tickles. She was very happy and content at his house! Thank you Duh for taking care of Tickles!!

 Keith,me, Megs, Gracie, Steven, Carla, and Duh (Dale) went to Six FLags.
Gracie rode the Scream Machine, Mind Bender, The Wheelie, and The Mine Train. If she had been taller she would have ridden several other rides. She is our little Daredevil!!
Here are a few pictures from Six Flags. We really had a great time!!

Megs and Gracie with Batman and Wonder Woman.
Gracie and Keith riding the Scream Machine... They are in the first car.
Keith and Gracie in the first seats. Steven and Carla in the 2nd set of seats of the Mine Train.
Uncle Duh and Gracie in the first seats of the Mine train. Megs and I in the 2nd set of seats of the Mine train.
Keith, Duh, Carla, and Steven also rode some of the bigger rides. There wasn't enough time to do it all. We had a great time! Thinking about that day, makes me miss my Sissy!!

The Friday Night before Six Flags, Amy S. got a group of us together for a reunion. It was at a Mexican restaurant. It was so much fun. Amy took a few pictures...but we didn't get any of her and Jerrod!! Dave and Becca were also there. Here some pics. from that night.
Lynn one of my best friends since 4th grade!

Dale with one of the guys from the Mariachi band.
Me and my Knight in shining whatever... :)
Amy MADE me get up and dance!! Don't you see the gun pointed at my head???!!??

Awwww isn't this a cute picture??

My Sissy and me!! Have I mentioned that I miss her??!!!??? We spent a lot of time together over the last couple of months. We have really bonded. We had so much fun running to Target, Truette's and everywhere else you can imagine!! I also miss my nephew, Brody!! He is one special little boy!
Do we look like twins?? :)

Here are a few pictures of us with my Grandparents. PJ and Grandy or (Meema/Granny/ and Grandaddy)
Grandy goosing Gracie...

Megs and PJ

Later on that day... Megs got to drive Grandpa's truck out in the field... notice he is sitting right next to her!! :) I almost forgot... here are a couple of pictures of my kids taking a course in redneck training...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Family Visit Part 5

Ok... Here's the last post.

My Mother begged all of us to get together and take a family portrait. She wanted Keith to take the picture. He must love his mother-in-law. :) He hates having his picture taken... :) (We took it before Gary and Michelle were married, that's why Michelle and Madison aren't in it.) So here are a few pictures from that night.

Mom, Carla, and Me

Practicing with the remote.

Seriously Gary... You should be happy that I'm your sister!!!!

Here we are in front of the old barn.

By now you are probably bored and yawning... like Brody in this picture...

I think that is all of the pictures that I have to blog... You can all breathe a sigh of relief... I will be back to blogging about nothing... :) We had a great time. It's good to be home and back to our own routine... BUT it's sad being so far from our family!!!!