Monday, October 20, 2008


A few weeks ago, Keith came into a port. He needed to buy a jacket for a future port call, since he forgot his jacket. So where did he go??? TARGET!!

Some of you might not realize it, but there is not one Target on the island!! Other than missing family and friends, this is one of my biggest complaints.

So while he was shopping, I told him it wasn't fair!! Keith is not a shopper!! It's just not fair!! So I asked him to get me something from Target and send it to me. . Anything... A purple pen (I have a sick obsession for pens and the color purple, but that's another story for another day...) or something small. I patiently waited for my package of "Target Things" to arrive... I figured he grabbed a bag of chips from the checkout line... This is what he came up with:

The red bag is one of the reusable bags that you purchase to shop at Target... We're supposed to get a Target some time next year...From what I understand, they have said that for the last 4 years. Hopefully I'll be able to use it before we leave the Island.

If you'll notice he also sent these...

They are EMPTY gift cards!!! That was mean!! BUT I still love him and I'm thankful for the stuff he bought!!! After all, I was expecting a bag of chips!!

Feeling thankful tonight...

So I thought maybe I should post an update on us.. We are doing good!!! Gracie had a really tough time at first... I started praying for God to help her understand what her Daddy does and that he will be back, just like the last time he left. No matter how much I talked to her about it, she couldn't understand!

So I continued to pray... About a week after praying I got an email from Karen H. (a friend from Philippi Baptist, the church I grew up in!) She had the idea to mark off the date of his return on the calendar. Then right before bed, place a sticker on the day that we completed! This would help her visualize when Daddy's coming home. I thought it was a great idea. We were busy, so I didn't try it right away... I continued to pray. Then my friend Christy (the friend who holds the Bible study at her house) suggested the same thing!! I'm not joking. Well since I was given the exact same idea... I decided to try it!

So the next day, I sat Gracie down and explained what we were going to do. A couple of hours later, Gracie came running up to me... She said, "Mommy now I know when Daddy's coming home!!" We have been doing this for a few weeks now... And she is doing so much better. She really understands when he's coming home!!! Thank you Karen and Christy! God used you, to answer my prayers!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Give me Your eyes....

I saw this video on another blog... They play this song on the radio all the time... It makes me think for a second while hearing it...I silently pray for God to give me His eyes for a time so that I can see people the way He sees them...and then I go on about my busy day...

I have been so caught up in my own life right now, I haven't stopped to think of others. I haven't felt good, Keith's not around to help (not his fault of course!) , I miss him too, and I'm worried about my family on the mainland. Each having a variety of burdens that I won't publically address... BUT I love them so much I hurt when they hurt!!! My neighbor moved. (ParadiceMom if you're reading this we miss you and your family!) My other neighbor that I do Bible Study with is moving in December.. It seems life is falling apart...

But the truth is, it could be worse. There are people out there hurting worse than me... I just pray that my eyes will be opened and I will help others. See people the way God sees them... He created us and He loves us all...The Chorus is really great:


Give me Your eyes for just one second

Give me Your eyes so I can see

Everything that I keep missing

Give me Your love for humanity

Give me Your arms for the broken-hearted

The ones that are far beyond my reach

Give me Your heart for the ones forgotten

Give me Your eyes so I can see