Saturday, November 17, 2007

My adventures in the commissary a.k.a. military grocery store...

So the other day, after picking M. up from school, I needed to go to the commissary for just a few things. The list wasn't long!! And in case you don't know, the commissary here in Hawaii is ALWAYS crowded. ALWAYS!! So before I go in, I give the girls a little lecture. "I don't have much to get" "No fighting" "M.,don't aggravate G." "You won't get your snacks" (You get the point)

So we head in, put G. in the seat of the cart, and begin. I get the veggies I need and continue to make my way around. M. begins annoying G. So I quickly remind them that if they don't behave they will not get their afternoon snack when we get home. Then I tell M. to get at the end of the cart, and don't touch it or move it just stand there!! So I am looking for my Husband's shave gel and they are out. I start comparing the others... And all of a sudden G. yells out VERY LOUDLY. "M. COME HERE WITH ME!!!! I WON'T PEEEEE ON YOU!" W.T. HECK? Where did she get that from??? I have never told her not to pee on M.!! I am scared to look over, because there are people everywhere. Sure enough, there is a man laughing and trying to hide the fact that my kid is cracking him up. So I tell G., it's not nice to talk about you peeing on M. and continue on.

As we pass the marshmallows, little G., sees them and starts singing rather loudly, "Marshmallows, Marshmallows, OOOOOOHHHHHH Who's going to be my MARSHMAAAAAALLLLLOWWW????? And then she yells out, "MOMMY you're my Marshmallow Princess!!!!!" ----Thanks G... Mommy always wanted to be your Marshmallow Princess! :)

Then we continued on and reached the snack isle. The girls love fruit snacks, so I tell M. to pick out a box of fruit snacks. G. sees the Diego fruit snacks. (Diego is "Dora the Explora's cousin) So she starts singing (really loud of course) DIEGO.... DIEGooooooo's My BOYFRIEND!!!! (over and over!) I was just thankful she wasn't screaming thru the entire store! There have been times when I've had to just hurry thru the commissary with G. whining and screaming. When K. is gone, I have no choice, I either get the groceries then or we don't eat. And on most days... I choose to let us eat!!