Thursday, May 28, 2009

YAY!!! Keith's Home.....for now anyway!

I don't have anything profound, clever, or funny to say.... (Ok so I never have anything that great to say!)

Keith is home and we are very thankful for that! He wasn't gone that long, but it seemed like forever, because he is a great Daddy and husband!! :)

Babe, if you're reading this, I love you and thanks for taking the trash out this morning. You Rock, and I love you!! :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day... to my Mom!!

Today I want to say....

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom!!!!!

Thanks Mom, for the many sacrifices that you have made for us through out the years!! I love you so much!!!!

I'm sorry I didn't get your card mailed in time... (WOW... what a surprise... I am the world's greatest procrastinator. I'm sure you'll get it before next month??!!??)

In all seriousness, you are the best Mom and I LOVE YOU!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Trip to the Honolulu Zoo

We went to the Honolulu Zoo on Saturday. We had a lot of fun. There was no parking, so we parked at the mall and rode the trolley. There was a sign as you begin the tour that read, "Best Zoo for 2400 miles". It's one of the smallest zoos we have visited, but we had fun.

Here's 2 monkeys posing in front of the elephants!

I think they were looking at the turtles.

This is the only snake in Hawaii!!! (Ok so there was another at the zoo and I didn't take the picture...) Hawaii tries to keep snakes off the island. You aren't allowed to have them as pets. They don't want the snakes taking over the island. Guam has this problem and I hope we never get stationed there!! When we go hiking through the jungle...I tell myself...There are no snakes in Hawaii...There are no snakes in Hawaii... :)

She hates having her picture taken...just like her mom and dad. So he grabbed her and put his arm around her so I could get a picture of the two of them.

You wouldn't believe how hard it is to take their picture!!!

This is Diamond Head. We have climbed it, as well as several of our family members.

Megs took this picture of us.

Keith said the zebra needed a bath because it's stripes were brown instead of white... :)

She always ends up on his shoulders!!!

The girls petting a goat.

Megs petting the goat... she is growing up too fast.

See the goat to the right of Keith?? Don't let him fool you...he had to pet the goat too. My battery was dying, so by the time I got the picture to take it had walked away.

Keith, Megs, and Gracie in front of a cool tree outside of the zoo.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Pizza Delivery Guy Made Me Smile Today...

I was lazy tonight and ordered pizza. I was told it would take 50 mins. to arrive at the house. That was fine. It came in 30 mins.

I opened the door and said, "Wow that was fast!!" The pizza delivery guy said, "Yeah it's fast now that we use DiGorno!!"

He made my day... He was probably my Dad's age... with his corny sense of humor. It made me miss my Dad!! :)

So... now you know Pizza Hut's new secret... They're using DiGorno!! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An apology to my Mom...

For about 9 years, I have teased my mother about something and now I must apologize.

My parents were visiting us when we lived in Navy housing in Goose Creek about 9 years ago. I think it was after Meghan was born... I'm not sure, because the story has grown and grown.

To make a long story short, (yeah right) my Mom went to turn the light on in the kitchen. Instead of the light coming on, the garbage disposal came alive and she grinded a spoon or maybe it was a fork. I don't remember what it was... And I have unmercifully teased her. As a matter of fact, I told her we had to finally break down and buy some new silverware, because every time she comes to visit she ruins my silverware. (Again... it was only 1 piece of silverware...)

When she came to Hawaii to visit, I had fun pointing out that the garbage disposal is located UNDER the sink!!! She would have to try hard to "accidentally" grind my silverware.

Fast forward to two nights ago... I didn't check to see if there was anything in the garbage disposal when I turned it on... I grinded a spoon and completely destroyed it... Now I feel like an idiot, and I will have to find something else to tease my Mom about!! :)

Mom I apologize for teasing you... I love you!!! :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yesterday's trip to Bellows Beach

Since Keith had duty on Easter... (had to work/sleep on the boat) they let him come home early yesterday. So we decided to go to the beach.

We went to Bellows. It's our favorite beach. During the week only the military are allowed there and it's not crowded! And it's just beautiful!

I snapped a picture of Keith driving down the road...
He got a picture of us in the jeep at the beach.

At first, Gracie thought the water was too cold..The girls having fun in the water together.
See this is proof that they do love each other!!
Megs with her body board.
Gracie with her body board.
Megs started pulling Gracie on the body board....
And then she fell.... surprisingly there was no outburst!!! :)
Keith and Megs
Megs and Keith on their body boards.

Keith and Gracie on the body board.

Megs, Gracie, and Daddy
After that we left Bellows and headed for North Shore. We ate at Killer Tacos and then headed home. It was a great day. It was nice to get out and drive around the island. I forget how beautiful Hawaii really is!!! (We live in the city)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Family Visit Part 1

It's been a long time since I have posted anything. My Sister had her baby and I got to go to Georgia to meet my nephew!! Keith was on a short deployment, so I went to visit my family while he was gone. He joined us for the last two weeks of our trip.

We had a great visit with our families, but it feels good to be home. I have finally come to the realization that home is where God sends us on this journey with the Navy. God has placed our family in I will be happy, because this is where He wants us for the moment.

Here are a "few" pictures of our trip... WARNING!! I took a lot... so you might want to skip this post... :) I am attempting to blog in chronological order... starting from the beginning. Hopefully I will get it right. :)

Here's Megs and Gracie meeting Brody for the first time:

This is the girls about 4:30p.m. the first day. They tried so hard to stay awake...waiting for Grandma to get home.

Grandma and Grandpa played a lot of games with the girls. Megs and Gracie got bored very easily, thanks to the cold weather. Here's a picture of them playing Life. We also played Uno and Phase 10.

The first weekend we were there it was supposed to be rainy, so we took a field trip to Fernbank Science center. We all had a great time!

Megs and Gracie posing in front of a dinosaur:

Megs making a big bubble.

Grandpa and Gracie taking their turn.

My Mom and Dad. A.K.A. Grandma and Grandpa.

Mom and me resting on a bench. I just HAD to snap a picture. :)

If you're in Atlanta with Grandma and Grandpa you HAVE to stop at the Varsity for a shake. Here's a picture of Gracie with her Varsity hat. Megs wouldn't let me take a picture of her in the hat...she's too old for that.

Here's Megs riding the 4-wheeler. My Uncle Kenny brought his grandson, Dalton's 4wheeler over and let Megs ride it the whole time we were in Georgia. He left it at Grandma and Grandpa's house. That was very sweet of Uncle Kenny and Dalton. Thank you!! She had so much fun!!

Here's Gracie with Rocky. My 1st nephew. :)

Me and my "little brother" Gary.

My Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Jerry stopped by to see us. They actually stopped by several times!! :) I hope they come and visit us in Hawaii one day!! Here are a few pictures from their first visit.

Aunt Eleanor and Megs

Uncle Jerry and Gracie

Here's a picture of all of us.

Here's a cute picture of Brody from that night. Did I mention that I LOVE being an Aunt??

My Poppa and Marie came by for a visit. These are pictures from that night.
Uncle Gary with Gracie.

Uncle Gary and Megs

My Sissy, Carla, holding her son Brody. Here's some pictures from a lazy Sunday afternoon...

Megs and Brody

PJ and Gracie

They look like they were caught plotting something...

My Handsome Grandaddy

Another adorable picture of Brody

This is a picture of Keith's grandparents Pop and Nan, with the girls. They took us to Cracker Barrel one night. The chicken n dumplings were delicious!

Aunt Carla caught Gracie pitching a fit and snapped a picture. This is the REAL Gracie... Ask Carla about one of our trips to Target...

This is one of my favorite pictures of Megs and Brody.

Gracie and Brody

Uncle Gary looks good in red... to bad it's not "Georgia Bulldog" red

4 cousins... :) I have to include Rocky... he was my first nephew! And the ONLY dog in the world that I love. :)

Brody and his favorite Aunt Bekah with a "K".

Sweet picture of Steven, Carla, and Brody

Carla and Brody... She is a great Mom... I always knew she would be. Thanks for making me an Aunt!!!

It seems every time I would hold Brody after he had eaten... he would poop. This is what you would see...

I caught Grandpa changing Brody's diaper...

This picture is of me with 3 of my bestest friends (other than Keith of course!)Me, Carla, Amy, and Stephanie. Amy is the one who got Keith and me together...

One more picture of Aunt Bekah and Brody.

For my Mom's birthday we all went to the Georgia Aquarium. (Everyone but Keith and Gary. They both had to work. I'm assuming that's what Keith does when he's on the Submarine... Sometimes, I think he's the only one working on the Sub...)

Happy Birthday Mom!!

My Sister's going to kill me, but... here's a picture of us.
Steven, Carla, and Brody

Aunt Carla had to bribe Gracie to get this picture. She told Gracie she could hold Brody for a minute if she took the picture. It worked! The girls love holding their cousin!! :)

My Sweet Girls
Eating Grandma's birthday do-nuts... Don't ask how many Mom and I had... :)

Grandma and the girls had fun playing with play-dough. Here's a sample of the food they made.

I'm going to end here for now. Part 2 will follow this post... I'll post them all at once so there's no confusion... Whew I need a break... I forgot how much stuff we packed into our short visit!! :)