Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yeah College Football is here!!!!

Even though I had to get up at 6:30 A.M., to watch the Dawgs play, it was worth it. (NO, THAT ISN'T A TYPO!) I am so excited that it is FINALLY College Football Season!! It stinks that Keith is going back to a boat just in time for football!!!

And on another note. Megs had a friend over last night. When her Mom came to get her, they both came downstairs. Megs was wearing her grey jacket. I asked her, "Why are you wearing your jacket? It's not cold in here!" She told me, "I was playing the Snowboarding game!" Yeah.... she's crazy too. Just like the rest of us.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our Dinner last night

I wish all of you could come and eat dinner with us for one night. That is all it would take to understand this story. I'm not sure if I can get this story across to you, but I am going to try. Gracie is our drama queen. Eating with her is a challenge. She can't sit still and always wants to talk or sing.

So last night we were eating dinner and Gracie was up to her usual bouncy self. She didn't want to sit still, and was chatting and wouldn't stop for a second. Meghan asked if she could have another biscuit, since she was done with her meal. We said yes. Gracie looks at her Dad and says, "I want another biscuit too." Keith told her to eat her broccoli first. She begins whining, "I don't want to eat my broccoli! I don't like my broccoli!" Keith's reply was,"Oh really?? You liked it when we first began eating. If you don't like your broccoli, then you don't like the biscuits either!" (because just a few mins. before, she was happily eating her broccoli, as she was talking). Soooooo, Gracie as sarcastically as she could, asked her Dad, "WHY? ARE BISCUITS MADE OUT OF BROCCOLI??? Keith told her, "No, eat your broccoli and if you say another word you are going in the corner." So then she mumbles something to him, and Keith put her in the corner. This made her mad! She screamed for 5 mins and cried. When she finally quit crying, Keith went to get her out of the corner. He asked her if she knew why she was put there. Her reply was......... "Because I said another word!" So then he explained to her, it wasn't just because she had said another word.

Sometimes I just wish I could see the "Bigger picture". I know God has plans for all of us. We are told that in Jeremiah 29:11. I am just VERY curious, as to what those plans for Gracie are. She is starting to test us once again! It seems we take 2 steps forward and 20 back. I know alot of it is, because we have begun talking about the sub. Reminding her that Daddy is going back to the boat. She is still to young to understand. So please pray for us. And remember Meghan too. She understands, but it's still tough on her. They are so close to their Dad. It really hurts them when he's gone.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gracie's great idea...

This morning Gracie came up to me and said, "Momma I have an idea! If Daddy's gone a very, very VERY long time and he comes back for a minute, because he forgot something or he needs to go potty, then we can give him a card. I make pretty cards!!"

I wish Keith could get off the sub, because he forgot something! I didn't have the heart to tell her he can't do that! I told her we can make cards for Daddy to take with him when he leaves! At least she is trying to grasp some idea of what is ahead. I'm praying that she will understand a little better this time!! I'm very thankful they miss their Dad when he is gone. It means he's doing his job as a Dad. He's a great Daddy! I'm glad he enjoys spending time with them. I hope they realize how blessed they are.

So please say some prayers for the girls.... It's tough being a Navy Brat... (Ok nobody get mad, that's what they call the kids who has a parent is in the Navy.) :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

The start of our "fun" week... was the start of our fun week, before Keith reports to his new sub on Friday. We decided to go to the beach. We went to Bellows our favorite beach. Grabbed Subway for lunch and then headed on down to the beach. We were there for about 45 mins., when Megs got stung by a Portuguese Man-of-war. She's ok now. I am very thankful, she's not allergic to them. She feels fine now, but it gave me quite a scare. I'm glad Keith was there!! Our fun week didn't start out fun. I wonder what's in store for us tomorrow?? Here's a picture of what stung Megs.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Meghan's Name in Hieroglyphics

Meghan is studying Ancient Egypt for History. She wrote her name in Hieroglyphics. Her name is in the purple rectangle going down the page. The pictures on the sides are things that she likes. We are on our third and last week of studying Ancient Egypt. We are taking the next week off to spend time with Keith before he reports to his sub.

I asked Megs what she wanted me to put that she has learned. She said," Too much to tell!! I have learned, the burial customs (mummies and pyramids). Also, what they eat and how the Nile was very important to them. Each Pharaoh had their own pyramid built for the afterlife. The Egyptians thought the heart was the organ that you thought with and the brain was considered useless. We are also studying about Moses and the plagues that God sent on Egypt, so that Pharaoh would let the Israelites go. It is really interesting to see what was going on at that time.

Tonight after Bible Study....

I never know what to expect when I come home from Bible Study! Keith always has a funny story to tell of at least one of the girls. Tonight Keith said Gracie was brushing his hair. She said, "Daddy there's something on your ear." and Keith said " No there isn't." So she started hitting his ear with the comb. Then she said, " Uhhh it feels like there's something in my ear!" So, Keith said, "Whatever!" Gracie said, "There's something in my ear!!" Keith said, "Ok, let me look at it." Then he turned around and started to look at it, and right when he got next to her ear, she turned and screamed at him. Trying to scare him. I asked him if he did it to her first. He said no. Boy the things I miss when I am away.... And you wonder why I need the break from all the craziness!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Megs' turn at the whiteboard

Here is a picture that Megs drew this weekend on the whiteboard. I thought it was cute, because she drew ants on the anthill. I just had to take a picture before it was erased. Yep I'm a dork, who loves her kids artwork!!

God heals our boo boos!!!

When Gracie woke up this morning, she was looking down at her boo boo. She said, "Mommy, look! My boo boo's almost gone. God is healing my boo boo!" I said, "Yes, isn't it amazing how God made our bodies so they could heal when we have boo boos? He heals our boo boos." Gracie said, "He doesn't heal them with bandaids, He heals them with His hand."

Now I have never said God doesn't heal with bandaids. She came up with that on her on. It was a nice reminder that God doesn't just heal with bandaids. He doesn't just cover up the situation and hastily go on His way, but He heals with His hands. He heals boo boos, and emotional pain, and thankfully He forgives us too. He is a loving Father, who heals with His hands! I know Gracie wasn't thinking any deeper than her physical boo boo on her leg, but I pray one day she will see just how much God loves her. This is my prayer for both girls. I am thankful that His hand has been on us through this journey to Hawaii. And this morning, I am very thankful that God heals our boo boos!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My weekend....

Keith and I are in the den talking... In walks Gracie. She says I need some medicine for my throat. We tell her no, she can have some before bed. If she wants to go on to bed we will give her some... (I don't think her throat is hurting, but since it's only about 30 mins. til bed time, she needs to wait, so it will last longer throughout the night). She whines, and finally realizes it's either bed and medicine or no medicine at all. Next thing I know, Gracie grabs her red chair (it was her naughty chair, now she just stands in the corner) sticks it in the corner facing the wall. Keith asked her, "Why are you moving you're chair there? Are you going to sit in the corner?" She said, "No, it's only for when I be ugly." So then Keith asks her, "Are you planning on acting ugly later?" Gracie answered very seriously, "YES!" and then goes on upstairs! I'm telling you it is never a dull moment around here.

Ok, here's a test to see if Keith reads my blog :) !! We were sitting at the soccer game. I gave Gracie some stickers to play with. She was having fun with them. They were animal stickers with pictures of real animals. During one of the breaks, Keith looked down at the stickers,and out of the blue says, "They should make scratch and sniff animal stickers. So when Gracie sees the skunk she won't play with it. " Seriously, he cracks me up. Everyday, he comes up with something funny and he doesn't even try!

Megs' soccer team won again this week. She's doing great. I'm so proud of her. This weekend we didn't do much, but go to the soccer game. I'm sick and we didn't make it to church this week. The girls played outside for the rest of the weekend. Megs has the entire neighborhood kicking soccer balls! As a matter of fact, a couple of the soccer balls got stuck in the tree. One of her friend's got the bright idea to give his shoe to another kid, and have him throw it up into the tree to get the soccer ball down. So what do you think happened? It got stuck!! So I got Keith and asked him to go get the shoe down. It was way up in the tree, you couldn't see it. It was black and hidden well. Our neighbor tried to climb the tree and was going to rescue the shoe, but he wouldn't climb across the branch. So Keith didn't climb the tree, because he didn't want it to look like he was trying to "out do" him. So he got this bright idea to take the poles from our brooms, mops, and other misc. poles and tapes them together with nuclear duct tape that they use in the Navy. So then he takes the pole he made (made from 5 different poles) and got the shoe down. It's funny, everyone was standing around wondering how we were going to get the shoe, because it was so far up. And Keith comes in and saves the day. (I guess while I'm telling on him, I'll go ahead and mention.... that he cleaned the kitchen and helped with the housework this weekend, because I have been really sick. He is such a great husband. Shhhh don't tell him I said that. He might get embarrassed!)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Becky Moment for the day!!

Ok so I've had enough of the G's, M's, and K's, :) !! LOL!!! Keith and I talked about it and from now on, I will just type their names. (See the picture below and you will know why!!) I came home from a homeschool group planning meeting to find that Gracie had written her name. Keith wrote the top one and then Gracie wrote the 2nd one. (The third one, she wrote for me after I got back). I was so excited! I had Keith take a picture. (Yeah I know, I'm a dork. I have always been one and will always be one!) So I decide to put it on the blog. It hit me, halfway thru, that there is no point in typing "G" if I'm going to post the picture with Gracie in the background. Well I guess that was my "Becky" moment for the day. (Sorry Mom, You know I love you!) So we decided from now on, I will just type the names and not worry about it. Ok, so now for the picture that probably isn't a big deal to anyone but me. I just HAD to share it with everyone!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's been awhile....

Wow, I can't believe I haven't blogged in awhile. There isn't much going on. When Keith returns to the sub, I will have plenty of time to whine (oops I mean blog).

Homeschooling is going great!! (Please don't judge the teacher! I admit there will be many misspelled words and MANY MANY gramatical errors on this blog. Just smile and remember I was educated at the great school.... Henry County High!!) We are studying about Ancient Egypt. Much to my surprise, she is retaining most of it!! I am excited. I think she is enjoying it too. I am very thankful that we have a substitue math teacher for the moment. K is teaching math while he is on leave (military term for vacation). G is learning her letters. She can say her abc's, but she doesn't recognize some of the letters, so we are working on that.

I'm sitting here watcing the news. I am a news junkie. M is out playing and G is napping, so I am watching the news and blogging. They are talking about the airline industry and the price of flying. Not only do I need to save for airfare, I need to save extra money for water, food, extra baggage, and a pillow and blanket. By the time I save enough money, they will probably make me pay for bathroom use too. It's getting crazy!!

Well G just woke up, she wants to go out too. So I need to get off the computer and help her get ready. I will try to post more often. Right now, there is nothing interesting to post. All we are doing is school, soccer, and church. On the 15th we are taking a week off to have fun with K before he goes back to the boat. So hopefully I will have some new pictures to post as well.