Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Becky Moment for the day!!

Ok so I've had enough of the G's, M's, and K's, :) !! LOL!!! Keith and I talked about it and from now on, I will just type their names. (See the picture below and you will know why!!) I came home from a homeschool group planning meeting to find that Gracie had written her name. Keith wrote the top one and then Gracie wrote the 2nd one. (The third one, she wrote for me after I got back). I was so excited! I had Keith take a picture. (Yeah I know, I'm a dork. I have always been one and will always be one!) So I decide to put it on the blog. It hit me, halfway thru, that there is no point in typing "G" if I'm going to post the picture with Gracie in the background. Well I guess that was my "Becky" moment for the day. (Sorry Mom, You know I love you!) So we decided from now on, I will just type the names and not worry about it. Ok, so now for the picture that probably isn't a big deal to anyone but me. I just HAD to share it with everyone!!


  1. Gracie you did a wonderful job writing your name! I knew Megan would do very well with the homeschooling and learning she is very smart! At least she does'nt have Becky moments!!!! It is o.k Bekah I don't mind using me on your blog I am sure when I die all of you will have alot of Becky moments to tell!!!! I love and miss all of you! Love, Mom, Grandma & mama Becky

  2. Gracie, I'm so proud of you; you really wrote your name well!! Megs you are doing great with your studies; proud of you! We sure do miss all of you!!
    PJ & Grandy