Monday, August 11, 2008

God heals our boo boos!!!

When Gracie woke up this morning, she was looking down at her boo boo. She said, "Mommy, look! My boo boo's almost gone. God is healing my boo boo!" I said, "Yes, isn't it amazing how God made our bodies so they could heal when we have boo boos? He heals our boo boos." Gracie said, "He doesn't heal them with bandaids, He heals them with His hand."

Now I have never said God doesn't heal with bandaids. She came up with that on her on. It was a nice reminder that God doesn't just heal with bandaids. He doesn't just cover up the situation and hastily go on His way, but He heals with His hands. He heals boo boos, and emotional pain, and thankfully He forgives us too. He is a loving Father, who heals with His hands! I know Gracie wasn't thinking any deeper than her physical boo boo on her leg, but I pray one day she will see just how much God loves her. This is my prayer for both girls. I am thankful that His hand has been on us through this journey to Hawaii. And this morning, I am very thankful that God heals our boo boos!!!

1 comment:

  1. Yes, God does indeed heal all of our boo boos! I am glad that God has made your boo boo "all better", Gracie! I miss you & Megs & mommy & daddy!
    Love, PJ