Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Meghan's Name in Hieroglyphics

Meghan is studying Ancient Egypt for History. She wrote her name in Hieroglyphics. Her name is in the purple rectangle going down the page. The pictures on the sides are things that she likes. We are on our third and last week of studying Ancient Egypt. We are taking the next week off to spend time with Keith before he reports to his sub.

I asked Megs what she wanted me to put that she has learned. She said," Too much to tell!! I have learned, the burial customs (mummies and pyramids). Also, what they eat and how the Nile was very important to them. Each Pharaoh had their own pyramid built for the afterlife. The Egyptians thought the heart was the organ that you thought with and the brain was considered useless. We are also studying about Moses and the plagues that God sent on Egypt, so that Pharaoh would let the Israelites go. It is really interesting to see what was going on at that time.


  1. Hi Sweethearts,
    I love your blog. I'm at your Mom and Dad's, with your Uncle Jerry, Rusti, Ken and Carol, and waiting on Dan. Just had your mom's lasagne AND BANANA PUDDING.. Now that I know how to reply, Your in trouble :)

    Love you Marty

  2. I would love to get comments from you!! I bet you guys had a great time. I miss you all!! Love, Bekah

  3. Hi Megs,
    I love your name in Hieroglyphics. I once had my name written in Chinese characters by a missionary when I was about your age; it was at a Christian summer camp. It's pretty neat to have your name written out in symbols & pictures!I know you are enjoying your studies; lots of interesting subjects,interesting for Mom as well!
    Miss you all,