Sunday, August 10, 2008

My weekend....

Keith and I are in the den talking... In walks Gracie. She says I need some medicine for my throat. We tell her no, she can have some before bed. If she wants to go on to bed we will give her some... (I don't think her throat is hurting, but since it's only about 30 mins. til bed time, she needs to wait, so it will last longer throughout the night). She whines, and finally realizes it's either bed and medicine or no medicine at all. Next thing I know, Gracie grabs her red chair (it was her naughty chair, now she just stands in the corner) sticks it in the corner facing the wall. Keith asked her, "Why are you moving you're chair there? Are you going to sit in the corner?" She said, "No, it's only for when I be ugly." So then Keith asks her, "Are you planning on acting ugly later?" Gracie answered very seriously, "YES!" and then goes on upstairs! I'm telling you it is never a dull moment around here.

Ok, here's a test to see if Keith reads my blog :) !! We were sitting at the soccer game. I gave Gracie some stickers to play with. She was having fun with them. They were animal stickers with pictures of real animals. During one of the breaks, Keith looked down at the stickers,and out of the blue says, "They should make scratch and sniff animal stickers. So when Gracie sees the skunk she won't play with it. " Seriously, he cracks me up. Everyday, he comes up with something funny and he doesn't even try!

Megs' soccer team won again this week. She's doing great. I'm so proud of her. This weekend we didn't do much, but go to the soccer game. I'm sick and we didn't make it to church this week. The girls played outside for the rest of the weekend. Megs has the entire neighborhood kicking soccer balls! As a matter of fact, a couple of the soccer balls got stuck in the tree. One of her friend's got the bright idea to give his shoe to another kid, and have him throw it up into the tree to get the soccer ball down. So what do you think happened? It got stuck!! So I got Keith and asked him to go get the shoe down. It was way up in the tree, you couldn't see it. It was black and hidden well. Our neighbor tried to climb the tree and was going to rescue the shoe, but he wouldn't climb across the branch. So Keith didn't climb the tree, because he didn't want it to look like he was trying to "out do" him. So he got this bright idea to take the poles from our brooms, mops, and other misc. poles and tapes them together with nuclear duct tape that they use in the Navy. So then he takes the pole he made (made from 5 different poles) and got the shoe down. It's funny, everyone was standing around wondering how we were going to get the shoe, because it was so far up. And Keith comes in and saves the day. (I guess while I'm telling on him, I'll go ahead and mention.... that he cleaned the kitchen and helped with the housework this weekend, because I have been really sick. He is such a great husband. Shhhh don't tell him I said that. He might get embarrassed!)


  1. Hi Bekah,
    Hope you are feeling better. It's ok to brag on a husband who doesn't mind helping; that's what makes husbands great! God bless them! You get well" now, you hear?
    Love ya, Granny

  2. I like how Gracie ( the drama queen)was thinking ahead; puts the chair in the corner, getting it ready for a performance!! Ha! Ha!
    Love, PJ

  3. Hi Bekah,
    Are you getting my emails with pictures I have sent? I think I sent some recently of a mama black bear & 5 cubs.
    Love, Granny
    Lordy, Lordy, Granny will be bloggin' all the time now; can't get her off!!! Ha! Ha!