Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gracie's great idea...

This morning Gracie came up to me and said, "Momma I have an idea! If Daddy's gone a very, very VERY long time and he comes back for a minute, because he forgot something or he needs to go potty, then we can give him a card. I make pretty cards!!"

I wish Keith could get off the sub, because he forgot something! I didn't have the heart to tell her he can't do that! I told her we can make cards for Daddy to take with him when he leaves! At least she is trying to grasp some idea of what is ahead. I'm praying that she will understand a little better this time!! I'm very thankful they miss their Dad when he is gone. It means he's doing his job as a Dad. He's a great Daddy! I'm glad he enjoys spending time with them. I hope they realize how blessed they are.

So please say some prayers for the girls.... It's tough being a Navy Brat... (Ok nobody get mad, that's what they call the kids who has a parent is in the Navy.) :)


  1. You know that we are praying for all of you everyday. We miss you all and can't wait until you are sent back to us. Love and miss you all love, mom & grandma

  2. Kids do say the darndest things. Maybe Gracie will be ok with Dad being gone with your and Meghan's help. I pray for you all the time and you know that Mom and I are here for you. Use the Webcam while he's gone and maybe my ugly and your Mom's pretty face will help you and the girls. LNMUA GPa