Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Bulldogs won!!!

M had another soccer game today. They won 5-2!! She scored 2 goals!! Unfortunately, I forgot the camera. I don't have any pictures. A ball was kicked into her stomach really hard, and she stayed in the game. She is much tougher than me!! LOL!!! I would have been crying and begging to come out of the game!! (Ok stop laughing, you know I wouldn't even get out on the field!!)

On another note... Our first week of homeschooling was great. It was mostly review and testing to see where M is. On Monday we got news that K got a submarine. We also found out we are here for another 5 yrs. I have really been upset all week about this. I think I am finally accepting the fact that I will have to be here and there is nothing I can do. After a week of praying, crying, begging God for answers and strength, I am feeling much better. I know God has a reason for us being here. I know He will never leave us either. Please continue to pray for us, it's going to be hard. K will hardly be here. His schedule will be very sporadic. We will be blessed if we get to see him much at all. Ok that's enough whining. I have alot of laundry to catch up on.... Seems like I am always behind in laundry, it's a never ending cycle!!


  1. Good morning. Glad all is well with the homeschooling but, as I have said over and over. You've got the two smartest and most beautiful student and the same with the teacher in the world.
    Of course my mom would have said the beautifullest in the world and I'd have to agree. LNMUA Gpa

  2. I have tried 3 times to leave a comment. I will try again. I am very proud of m and her scoring!I pray for ya'll every day and hope you had a good first week home schooling! I love and miss you guys! Love gma