Tuesday, July 8, 2008

An old post that was originally on myspace.

I've decided to put an old blog that is on my myspace page. It's from October 15th, 2007. I am not looking forward to sea duty!! Here it is:

I have never posted a blog. And as you know. I am really lonely after 8pm my time in Hawaii. So I thought I would try it. And since I talk way too much, be forewarned not only is this going to be long, but possibly boring too. With a ton of typos... So most of you have asked How's it going? What's Hawaii like? Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about it. One min. I hate it and the next I am learning a lot and growing in my faith. G. has had a tough time lately with Daddy having sea duty. (If anyone has tried to have a phone conversation with me in the last couple of months, you'll know this to be true. That's why I don't call ANYONE, anymore. They call me and I pray for no outburst... Back to my story, I ramble way too much!!) I have asked everyone that prays, to please pray for her. And I can honestly say, between the prayers and being consistent with the discipline, we are making progress. The other morning, she woke up happy. I went downstairs to make M.'s lunch. G. stayed upstairs. She started crying. M. came downstairs and told me that G. wanted me. She continued to cry a little, but mostly whine! I hollered up (sweetly of course!) stairs to G. that I was making M. lunch for school and I would be upstairs in a minute. Well she got quiet. So M. went upstairs to check on G. for me. I hear M. ask G...."G. are you praying??" M. comes back down the stairs and said to me... "Mom, G. is praying. She said she's praying for Daddy to have a good day at work and for God to please take away his headaches and make him all better!" (He's been having trouble with Migraines and we have been praying for Daddy to feel better while he is gone.) M. said G. had her little hands folded and everything... We've come along way... A few weeks ago, the crying would have gone straight into complete screaming for 30 mins. to an hr. She still has her moments... But praise God they are getting better... and She's learning to pray... How cool is that?

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