Sunday, July 20, 2008

Prayers Please!

Tomorrow we begin our homeschooling adventure. If you want to hear the entire story, just let me know. I don't feel like blogging the entire thing it's really long. So I'll try to give you the "long story short version." The public schools here are awful. There are homeless people sleeping in the bathrooms overnight. The only things being taught are math and language arts so that the kids will be deemed "adequate" and the school will receive money. Private school isn't an option for us, since we live in Hawaii and everything is expensive. M began begging to be homeschooled. I had no desire to do it.

A lot of military families here homeschool, whether they are christian or not, because of the horrible school systems. K and I talked about it, and he said he would support me either way. We know several people that homeschool here, and the kids are doing great. So I began to pray that if this is something that God wants and no just a "phase" that M was going through, that God would give me the desire to homeschool. I had absolutely NO desire to homeschool!

My neighbor homeschools her kids and she began to show me that I could do it. Within a couple of months of praying, God gave me an overwhelming desire to do it. I don't know how long we will homeschool. It may be just while we are in Hawaii. We are taking it one year at a time.

So tomorrow we begin the journey. I have prayed and researched for months. We have all of M's books and a lot of things for G to do. Please pray that everything goes smoothly. I was going to do an easy week that wouldn't count to get everyone ready. I decided to just do spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and science. M asked me today if we could do math too. I told her if we did that we could count it a week.

I know everything will be fine, because I feel this is what I'm supposed to be doing. That doesn't mean we won't have rough days. I wouldn't worry so much if my neighbor was going to be here all year, but she's leaving in September. She has been a tremendous help. I could never thank her enough!!

Well I guess I gave you the longer version anyway! I just can't keep anything short and sweet. I really need to work on that!!

Thanks for the prayers,


  1. Good luck with that even though you know my feelings about it. Give everyone my love LOVE AVI

  2. Jrod and I discussed it for our 3 before the new school opened. YOU will be fine... you have a great HC education (LOL) and you're "all prayed up"!!

  3. At least you won't have the problem of M not liking the teacher and you can always get a conference with her if there's a problem. Ha Ha. LNMUA Gpa