Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Saddest thing heard today...

We were sitting at the table eating dinner and M says to us, " Is it just me or do ya'll miss having a backyard? I wish we had a backyard." Then G precedes to ask, "What is a backyard?" What is a backyard???? I think we have lived in military housing too long. My poor 3.5 (almost 4yr old) doesn't know what a backyard is!

I long for the day when we can have our own place with a backyard. Of course, by the time we have one, our kids won't be kids anymore!


  1. EVERYONE has a "backyard"!!
    She just happens to have the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. My kids wouldn't mind having her backyard for awhile.
    PS My 9 yr old has a blog... check us out! I'll send it to you.

  2. OK sooo we do have a backyard, but it is VERY SMALL!! You can't fit a swing set or much of anything out there!! We do have beautiful beaches, but they aren't in our backyard. LOL!! I think You and Jerrod should bring your kids and we can all play at the beach!! I miss you guys!! Love, Bekah

  3. Hey, Bekah I should be doing housework & corn but I miss you guys soooo much. If ya'll lived next door ya'll would have a huge backyard!!!! I will cherish the memories of our family time in Hawaii forever!!!!!!!!!Wish we were still there! LOL, Mom