Sunday, July 13, 2008

What I woke up too on Friday Morning :)

Ok..LONG story short... (Yeah right, everyone knows it takes me forever to get to the point!! LOL!!!!) Thursday night I spent the night at my neighbor's house, (Keith was at home with the girls) in case her kids had an emergency. (She has an "almost 14 yr old" daughter who is great, and had everything under control, I was just there in case of an emergency.) I couldn't sleep at all. I think I may have gotten a couple of hrs of sleep if that. On Friday morning I came in and told M. I was going to sleep for a couple of hrs. (it was 6 am) I explained to her I hadn't had any sleep. She had everything under control. At about 9 am she opens the door and asked me, " Mom how do you turn the oven on, I made biscuits." WHAT??

I came downstairs to this:

And here is the finished product:

M and G said they wanted to make me biscuits since I didn't have any sleep and I was tired. Isn't that sweet?? M and G have made biscuits with Grandma almost every time they see her. When Grandma and Grandpa were here a few weeks ago, they made biscuits and M has learned what to do. They tasted great too!!


  1. Well Girls you make your Grandma so very proud!!!!! I love ya'll and miss you so much!!!!!! Love, Grandma

  2. I think you should send the girls over here to make my bisquits this week so I can see how great they taste! I know I've already had them but, anything to get to see them and you. We need to use the Webcam more if we can work out the times. It doesn't surprise me that M and G can make great bisquits though. They are only the smartest 9 and almost 4 year old young ladies in the world!!!!! LNMUA and the A is all. G Pa

  3. I am proud of you girls too!! Those biscuits look absolutely delicious!! I just wanted to reach out and grab one! Sure do miss you guys!!
    Love Granny/PJ