Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Keith's latest project... :)

Just in case you're worried that Keith has left his redneck roots...

I'm here with proof that he hasn't....

He just got his jeep a couple of weeks ago...

Decided to tear the carpet out and replace it with the stuff that is used for a bed liner...

Thankfully, he's very handy! Instead of paying an insane amount of money to do this, He did it himself.

He did a really good job!!! :) The reason he did it, is so that when we go to the beach, the sand will easily spray out, or vacuum up.


  1. That sounds EXACTLY like something Keith would do!! Looks really good though!! Way to go Keith!
    **Keith was my first ((BRAVE)) friend to ride with me while I was driving a stick!!!!!!


  2. Yep, he's still the same old Keith. :) I remember those days. They were good times. :) I have you to thank for getting us together!!


  3. Thats our son!! Very talented!!
    Love, Mom