Friday, November 28, 2008

Waiting on a call from the Dr....

Seriously... I just said I was thankful for Gracie... who keeps me on my toes...

She swallowed a penny and I'm waiting for a call to see if she needs x-rays. I really didn't know what to do. She wasn't choking or anything. I figured they would tell me to "look" for it.

I told Gracie we might have to go get a "picture taken of her throat and belly". We might have to see where the penny is.

Gracie said, "NO!! She might show my picture to someone!"

Excuse me??? You swallow a penny at 7 pm. on a holiday weekend, and all you're worried about is the Dr. showing your picture to other people??? I really don't know where she gets the Drama queen gene from!!! (types the girl who uses too many !!!!'s and :)'s

The Dr. on call, called back and said to take her to the hospital. Thankfully Keith was here to stay with Megs. So off we went. We got there about 8:30.

While we were waiting, Gracie informed me that she didn't swallow a penny, it was a quarter. I said, "What you swallowed a quarter? What color was it??"

She said, "White."

I was a little confused by that answer. "White? What do you mean? It wasn't brown like a penny?"

She said, "No It was white like a quarter."

So we go get the x-ray and the tech says it looks like a quarter, but he can't give us any more info we have to wait for the Dr. So we waited for 4 hrs, for the Dr. to tell us that it was a quarter and it is past the areas of concern. She should poop a quarter out in about 3-4 days. :)

The nurse kept asking me, "Do you know why she swallowed a quarter?" I'm biting my tongue, thinking... hmmm you don't know Gracie. I don't have a clue. She has a mind of her own! You ask her!! I'd like to know myself... But of course I just smiled and said, "No, I don't have a clue."

The Dr. said if it didn't come out in 5 days if I wanted another x-ray to bring her back. She also said it really isn't necessary, as long as she's not complaining of any pain. Even if we don't see it.

Soooo unless she's in pain... She can tell everyone she has a quarter in her belly... I'm not going back again to see if the quarter is there.


  1. Hey Bekah, When you were young you swallowed a penny and when your mommy tried to dislodge it a quarter came out of your mouth and she screamed "What do I do"
    I just said "Keep feeding her pennies" LNMUA GPa

  2. I feel for you... having to go to the H place on a holiday weekend. I bet it was a LOOONG wait! I am glad Gracie is not in pain. But even if Kieth wasn't home, I would have been mad if you hadn't have asked me to watch Megs for you.

  3. Oops.. meant if Kieth wasn't home to watch Megs I would have been mad at you. You know if something like this ever happens again and you need me to watch one or the other, I would be happy to - don't worry if it is a holiday or not.

  4. I am soooo glad that Gracie is all right!!!! Go Jackets!!!!!!! Finally after 7 years!!!!!!