Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Megs 9th Birthday Pictures from June 21st.

I started back blogging in July. So there aren't any pictures from Megs birthday this year. I decided to put a few up. Gracie's birthday was yesterday, I will post some of them also. I can't believe Meghan is 9!!

We started the day, with a climb to Diamond Head.

Here she is with her cake.

This is Megs with one of her presents.

Later we went to a Luau. She's growing up too fast!!

This is at Bellows playing with her present, the next day.


  1. I will always remember Megs 9th birthday because I got to celebrate it with her. We all had such a wonderful time! Grandpa said he watched me in Hawaii and I looked so happy everyday and I was. I miss you guys so much we had so much quality family time and of course we had some Becky moments. ya'll will miss me when I'm gone! Ha Ha Love, Mama Becky

  2. Megs, I wish Grandy & I could have been there with Mom & Dad, Gracie, Grandpa & Grandma to celebrate your 9th birthday --- I can't believe you are 9 years old!!Grandma told us all about the luau and how much fun you had. That was a really funny picture of Grandma at the luau when she tasted the poi. She made such an awful face, it made me laugh! Do you like poi?