Monday, January 10, 2011

My Goals for 2011

Well my first goal will be to actually blog.  I want to post at least 1 blog per week.  No matter what kind of week we are having.

Even though this year has started out worse than last year, I will find something positive to blog about.

I have the standard goals too.  You know, read my Bible more, pray more, be a better wife and mom.  Lose weight.  Eat healthy.   All those things that I have failed to do so far.  Well except maybe for the praying more...and reading my Bible more.  If I continue to do that, I'm sure the rest of my goals will be successful.

Positive thing for Today/this week?  Auburn won the BCS National Championship Game.  Yep.  The SEC won again for the 5th year.  Now I could go into some really negative thinking here, but I am choosing to stay positive.  Although it wasn't my favorite team, it is still the SEC who won.
And that is my positive thought for the day.  Hopefully they will get better... I really need some positive things to happen...

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