Saturday, September 18, 2010

First blog post in over a year...wonder if anyone will read it??

I didn't realize it has been over a year since I've posted anything.

So much has happened...I'll never catch up!

It's so easy to update my status on facebook, instead of typing out a whole blog post...but I kind of miss it.  So I think I will attempt to do it again.

We have so much going on right now.  All my feelings are so jumbled that most of these posts won't make any sense.

My mother in law was just diagnosed with lung cancer.  She's one of the sweetest women I know.  (A little crazy at times...but very sweet.) She will give you her last dime, if you need it.   She's always treated me like I am her daughter. So if anyone is reading this blog, please say some prayers for Sonya.  We love you Soni!! 

I think I will start blogging again...JUST FOR HER!! (Wink wink Soni did you catch that??) 

I guess I will end this rambling with a picture.  

It's one of my favorite pictures...Keith's expression is priceless.  I guess it sums up how he feels being the only man in the house.  :)

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