Friday, September 10, 2010

Don't know what to title this post!

Our world has been shaken.

About 3 weeks ago, my mother in law was diagnosed with lung cancer.  She's always treated me like the daughter she never had...and this is hard since we are too far away!!  

Now when I want to whine on facebook, it seems pointless.  She's going through so much.  

I already feel helpless...with Keith's headaches.  I wish there was something I could do...but there's not.  

All I can do is pray and put it all in God's hands.  

That seems like a simple task.

It's not..

I'm human, and I have worries and fears.  It's hard going through life when you don't see the whole picture.  BUT I'm thankful that God is there guiding my life and He does see the whole picture...and some how...even through all the pain,  He will make it worth the journey.  So this is my journey.  

Bekah's Journey  

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