Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Family Visit Part 3

Here are some pictures of the girls riding the 4-wheelers. Grandpa let Gracie ride by herself. Thankfully there is a kill switch in case she got crazy... She did good for a 4 yr. old. :)

Here's Megs...
She splashed thru the mud puddle and got mud caked in her hair. She had so much fun!

Gracie getting ready to ride by herself... Don't worry we put the helmet on her first... I just HAD to get a picture without the helmet. :)

Little Daredevil
Gracie riding thru the mud puddle Aunt Hazel and Uncle Bill stopped by for dinner one night. egs riding the motorcycle at Pop and Nan's... Keith was finally in Georgia!! YAY!!

Pop and Gracie
Nan and Me Here's a very short video of Megs riding the Motorcycle.

Here's a short video of Megs riding the Go-Cart at Paw Paw's (Keith's Dad)

And Keith riding the GO-Cart... Yep he's still a kid!!

Paw Paw riding Megs on the 4-wheeler
Paw Paw riding Megs and Gracie on the 4-Wheeler
Uncle Duh riding the girls on the 4-wheeler
Keith riding with Gracie on the Go-Cart
Here's a picture of Keith and me from that day. Notice the creepy look from me?? I'm trying not to blink as my picture is being taken... I ALWAYS blink! This is Keith's Poppa and Granny (His Dad's parents)with the girls.
Poppa with the girls. OK... Once again I'm ending here...and will start back with Family visit #4.... Yep there are more pictures...

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