Thursday, April 2, 2009

Family Visit Part 2

We spent the day with my Aunt Betts and her family. She holds a special place in my heart. Aunt Betts and her sister Christine (my Nana) were very close. Nana is in heaven, and I am very thankful to still have my Aunt Betts. I still miss Nana, after almost 15 yrs.

Aunt Betts holding Brody for the first time.

Steve cooked the best burgers!!

Deb holding Brody
Donna, Aunt Betts, Dad and Mom

That night we went to Brian's "See you later" Party. My cousin Kendra's husband Brian is going to Afghanistan. It was great to see my family...I wish it was a welcoming home party. Brian, Kendra, and their kids are in my prayers!!
Here's a few random pics.

Brian singing

The pickin' n grinners... :) Who knew my Dad could play/sing something besides gospel music!! :)

Candid shot of my Mom... hopefully she'll be tired of reading these posts and won't notice I posted it... but it's cute and I couldn't resist... :) I love you MOM!

Matt and Denise... aren't they the cutest couple... besides Keith and me!! :)

My cousins Jill and Christina

Uncle Dan

Marie and Poppa

My Cousin Kendra

Aunt Carol, Andy, Kallie
Megs and Gracie with my cousin's kids!! Man we are getting old!! :) Jay, Carlee, and Amy
Aunt Eleanor and me :) I love her so much! Thanks for really caring about me and my family. You and Uncle Jerry are the best!! :) You guys have to come visit us!! (I know they read my I had to throw that in here.)

On March 1st... It snowed!! Megs and Gracie had never seen real snow! They had seen snow on T.V., but were never given the opportunity to play in it. Megs had been praying a long time that it would snow. We went down to Pop and Nan's that day for a few mins. The snow began sticking so much we had to leave. On the way back to Mom and Dad's, Meghan said, "Mom, God answered my prayers!! He sent snow!!" I think it's amazing the "little miracles" that God gives us. It really strengthened Meghan's faith.

Uncle Duh with the girls
Megs having fun at the snow at Pop and Nan's
Megs riding the 4-wheeler in the snow
Gracie getting ready to ride the 4-wheeler
Snowman that Grandma and Grandpa made while we were at Pop and Nan's house.
Gracie didn't really like the snow. She thought it was too cold. But I did manage to get a couple of pictures of her.

Grandpa and the girls throwing snowballs
Megs making a snow angel

Gracie looks thrilled to be in the snow!! :)
My Dad is a big kid!!

Uncle Gary
Carla and Brody
My adorable nephew feeling snow for the first time.

Here's the tree house my Dad started to build for the girls... They had fun playing in it!! The walls weren't finished due to everyone getting sick, and the weather. They still had tons of fun.

Here's Grandma up in the treehouse with the girls... I was too chicken to climb up the tree... Ok, I'll end here and begin with Part 3 Hope you aren't asleep and have followed the trip this far! :)

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